MIC series interchangeable core

MIC series interchangeable core can be removable its core. Its high security features especially suited to install in entrance mortise doors. We also provide customized housing length according to different requirement.

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MIC product information

Item MIC-026 MIC-030
Core type Interchangeable core
Pins 7 pins
Housing Round Head Ø34.5mm
Keying Options Operation key & control key
Material Solid brass body
Item MIC-026 MIC-030
Housing length 1" (26mm) 1" (30mm)
Housing head Ø34.5mm Ø34.5mm
Preventing access when a key has been lost or stolen
A control key for insertion and extraction of the core
Suitable for use on mortise lock case
High wear resistance
Weather resistant
Customized lengths are available by quote