2D1S patented cylinder

2D1S locking system is a high security mechanism. The recent invention has impressively increased the security of cylinder locks. Two discs and one spring(2D1S) in each chamber is designed in cylinder lock. Its unique structure causes interactive protected effect when encounter malicious detention. The 2D1S locking system has obtained the patent from US, Europe and other countries.

The 2D1S locking system not only protect users' valuable property, but also help our clients increase their competitiveness.

2D1S features

There is a virtually pick-proof detainer disc system inside 2D1S cylinder locks. PORTER has invented the 2D1S mechanism and has incorporated it into virtually pick-proof detainer disc system.

When one tries to pick this patented lock, 2D1S mechanism will make every disc more difficult to slide to correct position. Thanks to this mechanism, the 2D1S cylinder locks provide the optimal defence against picking behavior.

When a malicious attacker tries to destroy 2D1S cylinder with a drill or other tools, they will not achieve the purpose because a strong anti-drill mechanism in the shell of the core will prevent them from doing that.

Locking bumping is a technique that one uses to open a lock with a special bump key. To bump a lock forces the components in the lock to jump to the same shared line in order to open the lock. One can hardly bump locks with the 2D1S cylinder lock.

A sidebar is a component in a cylinder lock that restricts the rotation of the core. In order to make a sidebar to work normally, a correct key is necessary. 2D1S cylinder makes use of two sidebars. An additional sidebar offers double protection and the use of two sidebars significantly increase the security of cylinder locks.

2D1S products